December, 2020


Hear Each Other’s Voices

with vocalist Marnie Breckenridge

Hear Each Other's Voices

Hear Each Other’s Voices is available at Apple Music/iTunes,
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At a time when the world is plagued by a pandemic and political division,
Hear Each Others’ Voices is an appeal to return to civility and love.

As people suffer and build walls around themselves, this is the moment to summon and salute the light of love and compassion existing in all of us.

Renowned cellist Dave Eggar introduced vocalists Marnie Breckenridge and Sasha Lazard, who have joined forces to express their wish to heal differences
and conflicts through music.

Sasha and Marnie are singers, recording artists, world performers, activists and mothers. They are leveraging the universal language of music to implore us all to humble ourselves and to truly listen to each others’ voices.

Music based on original ”O Holy Night” or “Cantique de Noel” by: Adolphe Adam
Lyrics by: Marnie Breckenridge, Sasha Lazard, and David Tobocman
Produced by: David Tobocman with Sasha Lazard, Marnie Breckenridge
Percussion/ Drums: Alex Alexander and David Tobocman